It's that time of year again...DERBY TIME!

This weekend my league, Minnesota RollerGirls, is hosting the WFTDA International Championships. Teams from all around the world will be playing in our amazing venue, the legendary Roy Wilkins Auditorium in down town St. Paul, Minnesota. That means we'll have our home town crowd out to cheer for everyone. And that also means that I have been RIDICULOUSLY BUSY putting a whole bunch of fun stuff together. Come see me at the Derby4All booth for all of your Minnie Sorta-Nice merch, your crafty fix, and get your face (or chest) painted! Minnesota RollerGirls All-Stars play the headlining game on Friday. BE THERE! more info: and

Original photo (of Minnie Sorta-Nice's very first bout) by Preflash Gordon

First Time For Everything

Oh hey there!

Just started putting my stuff together in one place. It's about time, and it's been all in my head for a while, so I thought I might as well make it happen.

...And mostly because I put on a bunch of business cards, so there is that. 

I'm planning to make this a place to share all of my projects, and somewhere to point to when people ask me what I've been up to. Also a way to show my skills and land me some random projects, like my random life. 

It's a work in progress/lesson in patience/learning experience. And it will hopefully fun. Maybe. 

Enjoy, or don't. Whatever makes you happy. 

minnie 2.jpg